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Send and receive bitcoins for free with Twitter at CoinTip!

What is CoinTip?

Transfer bitcoins simply and quickly by tweeting.

You can say thanks, support creators, and more by giving bitcoin.

And all you need is just a Twitter account.

How to use CoinTip?


Connect your Twitter account

Click on the “Sign up for CoinTip" button above and connect CoinTip with your Twitter account.


1Deposit bitcoins

Add bitcoin for use with your CoinTip account by sending to the address displayed on your Dashboard.

2Tip with bitcoins

To send others bitcoin, tweet @cointip_jp using a simple syntax. For example, to send 10mBTC to @TwitterJP, your tweet would look like: @cointip_jp tip @TwitterJP 10


1Check your balance

After connecting your Twitter account to CoinTip, tips will automatically be deposited into your CoinTip account. Review the transaction history on your Dashboard to make sure you're receiving tips from others without issue.

2Use your bitcoin

Bitcoins gained through tips can be exchanged for real currency or directly used within stores, online retailers and other services that accept bitcoins.

List of Tweet Commands

You can use all of the following commands via both Twitter's web client and mobile app.

To tip
@cointip_jp tip [@RECIPIENT] [AMOUNT (mBTC)]
For example, to send TwitterJP 10mBTC: @cointip_jp tip @TwitterJP 10
The quantity should be written in units of mBTC(1BTC = 1,000mBTC).
To check your balance
In order to check your account balance, just tweet @cointip_jp with the following and wait a moment for a reply: @cointip_jp balance
To confirm your deposit address
Like above, when you want to know the Bitcoin address used for CoinTip deposits, tweet @cointip_jp the "deposit" command: @cointip_jp deposit


A form of currency that can be transferred to one another freely via the Internet (generally known as cryptocurrency).
The denomination of bitcoin used by CoinTip and many others. 1mBTC equates to one thousandth of a bitcoin (1,000mBTC = 1BTC).
The process of transferring bitcoin to your CoinTip account.
The process of sending bitcoin to another user.
The amount of bitcoin available in your CoinTip account that you can use for tipping, shopping, and exchanging for flat currency with.
The process of sending bitcoin to your own Bitcoin wallet.


I deposited bitcoin into my account, but I don't see them on my Dashboard.

Deposited bitcoin will show up after they have been confirmed within the Bitcoin network. This may take some time, so please wait or the process to complete.

I can't tip.

If your tweets are protected, you and @contip_jp must be mutual followers. Follow @cointip_jp and it will automatically follow you back (usually within an hour).

Does CoinTip charge any fee?

We do not charge any fees for deposits and/or tipping. We charge 0.0mBTC as a Bitcoin's miner fee when you withdraw your bitcoins to an external wallet.